Unfortunate Email Subject Line Truncation

One of the perpetual headaches of email marketing is that it’s tough to control the delivery context. What the user sees is dependent on myriad factors: the email client, the size of the preview pane, how graphics are handled, the user’s filters, and on and on.

Such was the case with the otherwise mundane email I received from Orvis, the fly rod folks, this morning — see accompanying photo. A little truncation in a bad spot turns an “arsenal” into an “arse” and provides an unintentional suggestion for how to get maximum versatility from your fly rod.

I swear this example is unembellished and appears as I saw it this morning. So I hereby throw down the gauntlet: if anybody can provide a better/funnier authentic subject line truncation, I’m sending 100 bucks to the charity of their choice.

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